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Akiles  |  SKU: ADM-C41 / C51

Akiles DUOMAC-C41 / C51 Comb and Coil Binding Machine


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Product Description:

  • 14” punching length with open throat design
  • Punching capacity of 20 sheets of 20lbs paper
  • 2 separate punching die sets with fully disengageable pins
  • 4:1 pitch binding for C41/ 5:1 pitch for C51
  • Side control margin to handle different sizes
  • Depth control margin to maximize tear resistance of documents
  • Comb opener for comb binding
  • Coil crimping tool included

Akiles DuoMac-C41/C51 both are the dream products of people engaged in high frequency paper handling. These grand products are genius combinations of various different products that customers usually need to purchase separately. They are capable of punching, coil binding as well as comb binding with the perfection associated with Akiles binding machines.

DuoMac-C41/C51 can be distinguished by their punching pitch, with the C41 having a 4:1 pitch and C51 having a 5:1 pitch. These are the most widely used and best-suited pitches for contemporary paperwork. They have 2 separate punching panels with 14” punching length and can punch 20 sheets (20lbs) in a go. Both panels have disengagement pins and an open throat so longer and other odd sized documents can be punched without any losses in consistency and punch quality. The side margin controls help align different sized stacks while the useful depth margin comes into use when stacks of varying thicknesses are being dealt with.

Akiles wire & coil binding equipment such as the Akiles DuoMac-C41/C51 is famous for binding capabilities. The coil binding units of these products are easy to use. After punching, a coil simply needs to be inserted and then cut from both ends using the coil crimping tool that is part of the package. For comb binding, a handy comb opener is in place to make the job much easier for operators by holding the comb open.

With the Akiles DuoMac-C41/C51, customers can enjoy a never before seen versatility along with remarkable facilitation in their paper handling procedures.