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Akiles  |  SKU: ADM-421 / 431

Akiles DuoMac-431 4:1 Coil & 3:1 Wire Binding Machine

20 - 500 (Sheets) Binding Capacity, 20 (Sheets) Punching Capacity, 14" Punch Length & Features Two Independant Punch Die Systems

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Product Specifications
Product Name Akiles DuoMac-431 4:1 Coil & 3:1 Wire Binding Machine
Manufacturer Akiles
SKU ADM-421 / 431
Punch Length (inches) 14
Punch Pitch 3:1, 4:1
Paper Punch Volume (lbs.) 20
Category DuoMac
Binding Operation Manual
Binding Type Wire Binding, Coil Binding
Punch Operation Manual
Binding Capacity (Diameter") (1/8 - 2) , (3/16 - 9/16)
Binding Capacity (Sheets) 25 - 500 , 20 - 120
Number of pitches 2
Paper Size All Paper Size
Punch Hole Size (mm) 4
Depth Margin Adjustable
Warranty 1 Year
Included Accessories Coil Crimper
Country of Origin Taiwan
User Type Large Office
Closing Mechanism Vertical
Reverse Switch No
Waste Drawer Yes
Side Margin Adjustable
Disengageable Pins 54
Punch Hole Shape Round
Number of Holes 53
Punching Capacity (Sheets) 20
Product Description:

  • Two Independant Punch Die Systems: Punch and bind multiple size projects with different pitches
  • Depth Margin Control: For correct punch margin depth for each wire/comb size.
  • Die Disengagement Pins: 54 pins can be disengaged
  • Open Punching Throat & Continuous Punching Guide: For easy alignment and punching of longer documents.
  • Built in Wire Closer: with any combination
  • Diameter Scale: Measure document thickness to select the best wire/comb option

The Akiles DuoMac-431 is a versatile and user-friendly binding solution for both 4:1 plastic coil binding and 3:1 twin loop wire binding. The DuoMac-431 incorporates a manual coil punch, a manual 3:1 wire punch and a wire closer all into custom-built heavy duty unit. It features disengage able pins, two independent punching die sets, a depth margin control, an open punch throat, continuous punching guide, a spacious waste drawer, a side margin control and coil crimpers. The DuoMac 431 is the only combination machine of its kind. The unique design of the 431 includes the ability to punch both a 4:1 pitch hole pattern for spiral coil binding and a 3:1 pitch hole pattern for twin loop wire binding up to 9/16"". This gives the ability to choose the look and feel of the bound books and presentations. Now the user can choose between these two great binding styles for all their reports and presentations and can also save space, time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Is the DuoMac C41 only capable of punching?

A. No! Because this machine can not only punch but binds and your documents in the most professional way. Not only this but it comes a coil crimper which lets you cut and crimp the coil so that it does not spin out of the documents.


Q2) How do we get to know about the function of the machine which it can perform?

A. For that you can simply download the operation manual where all the operations are listed step by step.


Q3) Can the DuoMac C41 perform coil inserting operation?

A. Unfortunately it cannot buy you can buy a good quality coil inserter from We offer the best prices among competitors and believe in facilitating the customers before and after the sales services.

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