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Akiles  |  SKU: ACAC

Akiles Crimp@Coil Heavy Duty Automatic Coil Crimper (ACAC)

$1,399.00 $1,539.85
Electric cuting and crimping of coils from 6mm to 50mm, waste bag included, 1 year warranty, All metal construction
Product Specifications
Product Name Akiles Crimp@Coil Heavy Duty Automatic Coil Crimper (ACAC)
Manufacturer Akiles
material All Metal construction
Product Description:

  • Can cut and crimp coils from 6mm to 50mm
  • Includes a bag for collecting the waste
  • All metal construction proves durability
  • Electric double-sided coil crimper where knives and crimper heads can also be adjusted
  • Requires a simple 5-step process
  • Coil-alignment guides are made available
  • Can be operated with the help of the foot pedal
  • Comprises a maximum weight of 51 lbs.
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty


Still using the manual coil crimpers for large jobs? Now you don’t need to because the new Akiles Crimp@Coil Heavy Duty Automatic Coil Crimper (ACAC) simultaneously cuts and crimps the coil from both sides. Having the ability to crimp any coil size from 6mm to 50mm, this latest technology promises neat binding results in no time. The electric double-sided coil crimper comes with adjustable crimper heads saving you from the hassle of physically adjusting the machine for different coil sizes. Plus setting up the coil crimper requires a simple 5-step process, making this appliance operational in seconds with changed sheet or coil settings. The Akiles Coil Crimper is what the print shops and offices with large binding requirements would be needing due to its heavy duty production quality.

Unwanted coil left outs during the process are collected in the waste disposal pouch attached with the crimper, demonstrating scatter free tasks. Also the Akiles Coil Crimper comes with a one year warranty, so in case of any mishap there will be compensation according to our company policies. Therefore, implementing this exceptional technology in your office space would ensure higher productivity with reference to the binding processes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What is coil crimping?

A. Crimping means to cut the coil from the ends and to turn them so the coil cannot spin out of the document.

Q2) What if I need to change the coil size?

A. For this the red indicator present on the worktable needs to be adjusted through the knobs which can be lowered or raised according to the required coil size.

Q3) Is it recommended for small businesses?

A. It can be used by small organizations too but it could be a bit expensive for them to afford. But Akiles Roll @ Coil Electric Spiral Coil Inserter would be a great option for SME’s as its economical and efficient at the same time.