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Akiles  |  SKU: AAB-CE

Akiles AlphaBind-CE Electric Comb Binding Machine

400 (Sheets) Binding Capacity, 20 (Sheets) Punching Capacity, 12" Punch Length With 9/16 Punching Pitch

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Product Specifications
Product Name Akiles AlphaBind-CE Electric Comb Binding Equipment
Manufacturer Akiles
Punch Length (inches) 12
Punch Pitch 9/16
Paper Punch Volume (lbs.) 20
Category Alphabind
Binding Operation Manual
Binding Type Comb Binding
Punch Operation Electric
Binding Capacity (Diameter") 2
Binding Capacity (Sheets) 400
Number of pitches 1
Paper Size A4 Size
Punch Hole Size (mm) (5/16 x 1/8)
Depth Margin Adjustable
Warranty 1 Year
Country of Origin Taiwan
User Type Large Office
Closing Mechanism Vertical
Reverse Switch No
Waste Drawer Yes
Side Margin Adjustable
Disengageable Pins 21
Punch Hole Shape Rectangular
Number of Holes 19
Punching Capacity (Sheets) 20
Product Description:

  • 12″ punching length with an open throat design for bigger documents
  • 20 sheets punching capacity
  • 2″ binding capacity for higher stacks
  • Electronic foot pedal-operated punching
  • 5/16" x 1/8" rectangular hole punch
  • 21 die disengagement pins to adjust to any paper size
  • Depth and side margin controls for greater accuracy and paperwork integrity
  • Waste compartment included to collect scraps
  • Heavy-duty design

Akiles AlphaBind-CE is the all-new innovation in the market for punching/binding equipment and introduces great functionality and convenience in the user experience. AlphaBind-CE has an electric punching system that is operated through a foot pedal while the binding operation is an easy manual one.

It features a very practical 12″ punching length since most offices work with a maximum of 11″ Letter sized documents. It is however very easy to punch larger documents due to the open throat design which does not restrict the sheets to be punched from both sides. The electronic punch can handle up to 20 sheets in one go and makes 5/16" x 1/8" rectangular holes for easy and professional-looking binding. Furthermore, its entire 21 die pins and disengageable so users can punch any paper size neatly by a simple pull of a few pins.

Akiles AlphaBind Comb Binding Machine has its own set of admirable qualities. The binding comb can work on stacks up to 2″ thick. For different thicknesses, the depth margin in the punching machine can be used for the right margin of holes from edges.

Akiles Comb Binding Equipment is known as a mark of quality in related communities. The Akiles AlphaBind-CE surely lives up to this standard due to its immense functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is this machine suitable for small offices?

This machine is built to cater large office needs but you can have a look at the ‘Akiles AlphaBind-CM Manual Comb Binding Equipment’ which is designed for small offices.

Q) Does sell different type of comb styles?

Yes, we are selling 108 types of comb binding styles on our website. You can select from 15 different comb sizes.


Q) What are the dimensions of this machine?

The overall dimensions of this machine are 18”W x 17” D x 11”H.

Q) Do you recommend Akiles AlphaBind-CE for a modern work setting?

If you want a functionally superlative binding experience, then Akiles AlphaBind-CE will give you the best deal in any work setting.But in case of appearance, it is a heavy-duty model with an industrial look. So it won’t fit into an elegant and contemporary work setting.