Laminators can be used in a variety of ways, by adults and kids equally. As we can find laminating machines commonly in schools, kids are getting more and more aware of how to operate them and craft some unique things out of the stuff available around them with the help of these laminators. Pouch laminators work specifically great when it comes to completing some wonderful DIY laminating projects that kids would absolutely love. Below are some mind-blowing ideas:

Paper Dolls

To start with, you can make your kid her/her own paper doll using a pouch laminator and some thermal laminating pouches. The good thing about this creation would be its durability as it won’t face wear and tear for years. As a head start, you can save some templates for doll’s outfit from the internet or you can print your desired print onto the patterned sheets with a printer. Laminating machine will give each element a fine and neat finish. Your kids will also participate in making this project a success.


These unique window decorations look wonderful but can be more customized with your very own pouch laminator. Simply let your kids tear some tissue papers and arrange them into the desired pattern in the laminating pouch. This pouch will then be passed through the laminator for the magic. Make sure to allow the output to cool down properly for keeping it nice and straight. Then punch a hole in it at its top end and using a thread or ribbon, make a loop that will help in making your laminated sun-catchers easily usable. Now adorn your windows with these colorful creations and enjoy!


Making a bookmark is not a rocket science but for kids to do it themselves can be something really big and creative. Ask them to select any paper-based image, letter, number or any figure they like. Place the figure into the laminating pouch and get the entire arrangement some fine lamination using your laminating machine. There you have it, a cute bookmark for your kid! You can make it more adorable by adding a ribbon to its top.

Dry-Erase Boards 

Present your kid with a smart and reasonably made dry-erase board using a laminating machine. Just by laminating plain paper, you can have such boards ready in no time. For making them interesting, you can ask your kids to experiment with the paper and draw their hearts out before laminating the sheets. Then laminate these painted sheets to preserve these little memories forever. Do remember to give your kids some dry-erase markers and a soft cloth with these boards to help them have hassle-free fun.

In short, laminators can be used for a variety of purposes, from photo finishing and laminating official documents to crafting some great laminating projects of all sizes and shapes. Give them a try to witness their versatility.