Akiles ProLam Ultra-X6 Professional 6 Roller Photo Laminator

Akiles ProLam Ultra-X6 Professional 6 Roller Photo Laminator

Akiles ProLam Ultra-X10 Professional 10 Roller Photo Laminator

Akiles ProLam Ultra-X10 Professional 10 Roller Photo Laminator

Akiles ProLam Ultra-XL Professional 6 Roller Photo Laminator

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Heats-Up in 5 Minutes, 18.9” Entry Width For Various Document Sizes & Maximum Laminating Speed of 47 (Inches/min)
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  • 6 roller system(4 heating + 2 cooling)
  • 18.9″ (480 mm) throat capacity
  • Maximum laminating speed of 47″ / min
  • Pouch thickness can be up to 14mils
  • Laminating thickness can be up to 1/8″
  • LCD Control Panel with 2 programmable settings
  • Setting guide for the right temperature and speed selections
  • Auto-Shutoff function to maximize machinery lifetime
  • Air cooling system to prevent overheating


Akiles ProLam Ultra-XL professional photo laminator is the key to perfect laminating jobs and efficient work environments. It has several features to make laminating tasks much easier for users than other products do.

Akiles 6 roller photo laminator is supported by its 6 roller system which gives it its trademark quality. 4 of these rollers are hot which melt the laminating pouch adequately, while the other 2 are cooling rollers that cool down the merged pouch filaments. The throat of this machine is enormous at 18.9″, which is further complemented by its speed of 47″ / min. Laminating thickness can be a maximum of 1/8″ that is laminated with a 14mils pouch. With these capabilities, the variety of documents users can laminate is exceptional.

Akiles photo laminator comes with user-friendly features that make it easy to use. A LCD Control Panel is used to set temperature and speed of the lamination process, both of which can be seen from the convenient setting guide placed on the side. For frequent users, the machine has enough memory to store two custom-programmed settings so initiating the process is easier during repetitive work. Akiles tackles the problems of over-heating and the resulting damage to the machine through incorporating an air cooling system that keeps temperatures from rising too high and an auto-shutoff feature that turns off the machine when temperatures subside to normality.

Akiles ProLam Ultra-XL laminator is ideal for print shops and offices that require neat and productive paper handling equipment that guarantees them professional paperwork and documentation.

Basic Attributes
Product NameAkiles ProLam Ultra-XL Professional 6 Roller Photo Laminator
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”)27.25 x 10.5 x 5
Heated Roller System4 Hot/ 2 Cold
Max. Pouch Thickness (mil)14
Max. Laminating Speed (Inches/Min)47
Throat Capacity (Inches)18.9
Laminator TypeRoll Laminator
Number of Rollers6
Warranty1 year
User TypeCommercial
Reverse FunctionYes
Temperature SettingsAdjustable
Speed SettingsAdjustable
Cold LaminationYes
Heat-up Time (mins)5
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Q. What is its throat capacity?

A. It possesses a wide throat measuring about 18.9″. Hence, it easily accommodates large-sized documents as well.


Q. Does it consume too much power owing to its sophisticated features and 6-minute heating time?

A. No, the unit is power-efficient and consumes only 1,050 watts to give its best performance. However, for safe operation of the machine, make sure that you connect it to the supply voltage corresponding to the electrical ratings of 100V, 50/60Hz, 9.3A 110-120V, 50/60Hz, 10A or 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 5.5A.


Q. Can this machine be used in the open environment?

A. No, it is specifically designed for indoor use only.


Q. What if the lamination comes out faulty?

A. If lamination is wrinkled, folded or damped, then the temperature or speed settings might be inappropriate. Try selecting one of the recommended settings from the Settings Guide according to your pouch thickness and obtain the lamination right according to your requirement.