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Xyron 1255 12" Cold Laminator and Adhesive Applicator

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Offers Three Solutions In One Easy-To-Use Package, Features Max Laminate Width of 42", Accepts Document Thickness of Up To 3/16".
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Features: Xyron 12" Professional Laminator

  • It is easy to use. Simply place the item in, turn the handle, and peel/tear the item
  • Environmentally safe, hand crank operated, removable/replaceable cutter
  • Perfect for homes, offices, schools, and other facilities
  • Cold lamination enables trimming through the document and to extreme edges without the need to peel or lift the document
  • The Xyron Pro1255 does not come preloaded. Allows users to customize configuration according to their preferences

Overview: Xyron Pro1255

The Xyron Pro1255 offers instant and effortless adhesive application on items that are 11.75” wide, without electricity or heating. Users can simply feed the item into the Xyron 12" professional laminator and turn the handle, and then trim. With the Pro1255 12" laminator, there is no mess, no waiting time, and no smell. Its patented drop-in cartridge gives users the ability to switch between applications swiftly. This makes the Xyron Pro1255 one of the most versatile machines presently in the market. The Xyron 12" professional laminator comes with improved aggressiveness, high-pressure rollers, and improved bonding quality and transfer. Whether users want to apply an adhesive on storyboards, mockups, or computers, the Xyron 12" professional laminator is the best choice.

Basic Attributes
Product NameXyron 1255 12" Cold Laminator and Adhesive Applicator
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”)19 x 17.5 x 14.25
Heated Roller SystemYes
Max. Laminating Speed (Inches/Min)Manual
Throat Capacity (Inches)12
Laminator TypeRoll Laminator
Warranty1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Country of OriginUnited States
User TypeMedium Office
Reverse FunctionNo
Temperature Settings
Speed SettingsVariable
Cold LaminationYes
Heat-up Time (mins)Not Required for Cold Lamination
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  • Xyron 1255 Adhesive Application & Laminating System User Manual

  • Xyron 2500 Demo

    Xyron 1255 Laminator and Adhesive Applicator

    Xyron Pro XM1255 QuickStart

    Xyron Pro XM 1255 QuickStart. Slide the input tray out of the machine by pressing the tabs on either side of the tray. Open the top cover and remove the use cartridge by pulling upward. Use the guide channels to replace the cartridge with the label oriented in the direction of the tray. These channels allow the cartridge to remain stable in the machine. From the input side insert the starter card through the cartridge between the rollers. Turn the handle clockwise advancing the material like so. All Xyron XM 12:55 cartridges have a starter card perforated into the packaging for your convenience. However any thin piece of cardboard can be substituted should you recycle the packaging before removal. Advance the film through the machine until the film is aligned and wrinkle free. Output is usually smooth after 6 to 10 inches. Replace the tray by sliding it into the designated grooves on the machine. If you are unsure which side is the input, you can identify this by the embossed Xyron logo on the top of the machine. If you can read it you can feed it. Contact your local dealer or visit Xyron.com for more information.

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    Q: Can the film be done single sided?

    A: Yes, the Xyron 1255 can film single sided, double sided, single sided with adhesive backs and adhesive backs only.


    Q: Does the machine operate with any cartridge?

    A: Unfortunately, the machine only operates with Xyron cartridges only.


    Q: What is the approximate MM thickness of the laminate?

    A: The maximum document thickness is 0.125" (3.2mm).


    Q: Does this machine comes with a warranty?

    A: Yes, Xyron 1255 comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

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