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Book binding machines are a great way to bind presentations, booklets, reports and more. Book binding machines vary in design from comb, wire and coil binding to thermal, perfect and tape binding. Quickly and easily bind hundreds of papers in minutes!!

Booklet Makers
Create and staple booklets quickly with booklet maker equipment. These easy-to-use machines will take a stack of paper, fold it and staple it along the spine. This is the most effective way to create pamphlets, reports, booklets and newsletters. Most booklet makers and staplers are automated and require little manual work. When used with a collator, the entire booklet making process can be streamlined.

Forms bursters, also known as paper bursters, are used to separate perforated and multi-part forms, coupons, or gift certificates. Bursters can also cut the tractor-feed edges off of computer form paper and checks. You can find variety of sturdy and reliable paper bursters that are able to burst a wide variety of paper types and sizes, meeting all your business needs.

Business Card Slitters
Business Card Cutters allow you to create professional business cards without the time and expense of sending the job to a print shop. These business card cutters will take a sheet of business cards printed in a 4-up, 10-up or 12-up format. Some business card cutters have an additional deck that will do scoring and perforating for tent displays, tickets and other jobs.

Check Signers
Check signing machines save considerable time and writer’s cramp. These highly efficient check signers are practical and increase productivity. Why spend hours manually signing hundreds of accounts payable or payroll checks when a check signer machine can do it in minutes? Internal security features prevent tampering and unauthorized access.

Collators are punch card machines that merge two decks of cards into one or more stacks.
These devices save time by taking a stack of copied or printed paper and separating it into several individual piles. Great for creating booklets, pamphlets or any document needing to be put in order. The paper can be stapled, offset or left in a single pile, depending on the collator. Collators are extremely popular in schools and universities for making tests and are also often used with booklet makers, in print shops and in other businesses.

Paper cutters and trimmers are widely used and can be found in most schools, churches and photo shops. Many paper cutters are capable of cutting hundreds of papers at once whereas Paper trimmers are designed to cut small to moderate amounts of paper while paper cutters are designed to cut moderate to large volumes of paper.

Paper drills are used for drilling holes into stacks of paper for binding purposes. Schools, print shops, binderies, paper manufacturers and other business generally use paper drilling machines to place the holes used for paper fasteners, binders and booklets. Tabletop models can drill one to three holes in thin stacks, while larger floor paper drills are able to bore through bricks of paper that are up to 2 inches thick.

Envelope/Letter openers

Automatic letter openers, envelope openers and letter slitters are a must have for any business or organization that receives a lot of daily mail. Electric letter openers open and neatly stack hundreds of letters per minute.

Paper folders and paper folding equipment are a must-have for any bank, financial institution, investment firm, insurance company, print shop or organization that mails statements, invoices, correspondence, or produces brochures and pamphlets. Paper folding machines are able to fold thousands of sheets per hour, increasing productivity and saving your company time and money.

Guillotine (cutters)
A paper cutter (or paper guillotine) is a tool often found in offices and classrooms, designed to cut a large set of paper at once with a perfectly straight edge.

Hole punchers/Perforators
A hole puncher, also known as a paper puncher or perforator is a common office tool, that is used to create holes in sheets of paper, often for the purpose of collecting the sheets in a binder. These are devices used to perforate paper for ease of storage in (usually) ring binders.

A paper folder inserter helps insert documents into an envelope in a short amount of time. These amazing machines quickly fold and insert paper into envelopes and seal them. Higher-end paper folders can folder and insert several sheets of paper. Some can also include a coupon, an insert and a return envelope.

Paper joggers keep paper organized and make it easier to bind documents, cut paper and more. When paper comes out of a copy machine or printer, it is usually in a jumble. The paper jogger will square things up in seconds, eliminating the need to tap the paper on a table. Paper joggers are great for use in copy shops, schools, businesses and moregers.

Tabbers and labelers are postal machines that apply stickers to pamphlets, flyers, brochures, leaflets, letters and booklets to seal them shut for mailing. Mail tabbers and labelers are convenient, inexpensive practical as well as cost efficient devices.

Laminating is the perfect way to preserve photos, documents, posters, business cards and more. Laminators are available in two separate formats, pouch laminators and roll laminators. Lamination is available in both hot lamination and cold lamination. Hot lamination is the most common type of laminator.

Pressure Sealers
Pressure Sealers are used to seal pressure seal forms after they are printed by laser or impact printers. Machine features, speed and duty cycles vary. We carry pressure folder/sealers by three manufacturers with models available to seal any volume of pressure seal forms. Pressure sealers with automatic fold settings are available to simplify back office processing. Most folder/sealers can fold ordinary documents too, enhancing the efficiency and processing of other correspondence and mailings.

Paper trimmers are widely used and can be found in most schools, churches and photo shops. Paper trimmers are designed to cut small to moderate amounts of paper while paper cutters are designed to cut moderate to large volumes of paper.

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