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Xyron 6300 Professional Wide Format Cold Laminator

Xyron 4400 44" Wide Format Cold Process Laminator

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Instantly Applies Matte or Gloss Laminates, Adhesives or Both Without Heat
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Features: Xyron 4400 Professional Cold Process Laminator

• Cutter is removable, replaceable cutter
• Electric power source
• Edge-to-edge application of adhesive
• The Xyron laminating equipment is environmentally safe
• Packaged weight approximately 178lbs – 200lbs (81kg-91kg)
• Footprint dimensions 51" x 19" x 17" (or 130cm x 49cm x 44cm)
• 1-year warranty
• Finished document width about 42"
• Document thickness is up to 3/16"

Overview: Xyron XM4400

The Xyron 4400 professional cold process laminator is a three-in-one, easy-to-use package for easy and fast poster finishing and large document lamination. The Xyron 4400 has an adjustable width that can accommodate documents of 38” and 42” wide. It also goes by the name Xyron 44" cold process laminator. It instantly applies gloss and matte laminates and adhesives without heat application. The enormous input tray of the Xyron XM4400, its adjustable guide, and the alignment markers aid feeding the document. Users of the Xyron 44” cold process laminator can easily and can swiftly change between applications.
The Xyron 4400 44" wide format cold process laminator instantly applies the adhesive and laminate with perfection. It has an aggressive adhesive system with high-pressure rollers with improved bonding and transfer qualities. This makes the XM4400 a comprehensive document finishing system. The Xyron 44" cold process laminator is the ideal solution for making banners, poster, mock-ups, signs, displays, and large-format documents.

Basic Attributes
Product NameXyron 4400 44" Wide Format Cold Process Laminator
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”)51 x 19 x 17
Heated Roller SystemNo
Max. Laminating Speed (Inches/Min)Manual
Throat Capacity (Inches)42
Laminator TypeRoll Laminator
Warranty1 year Manufacturer Warranty
Country of OriginUnited States
User TypeLarge Office
Reverse FunctionNo
Speed SettingsNot Variable
Cold LaminationYes
Heat-up Time (mins)Not Required for Cold Lamination
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  • Xyron Xyron XM4400 Demo Video

    Xyron 44" Cold Process Laminator

    The Xyron Pro XM4400 Quick Start. Step 1: Load roll sets. Remove the input tray. Review the role set. Each roll will indicate whether it is a top or bottom. Using the guide channels and color coding insert the rolls into the machine accordingly. Step 2: Prep bottom roll note. When installing film ensure that the rubber rollers are not exposed to the adhesive side of the laminate On the bottom roll grasp the starter section by the leading edge. Route the lead over the lower idler bar adjacent to the lower roller. Insert the film squarely between the two rollers. Using the foot pedal advance approximately half of the starter section through the rollers. Warning keep hands and loose clothing free of the rollers during the loading of the film. If necessary manually rotate the role in reverse to ensure the film is tight. Step 3: Engage top role. As with the bottom roll grasp the starter section film from the upper roll by the leading edge. Route the lead over the upper idler bar and adhere to the exposed adhesive on the bottom roll. For best results and here the top film one inch below the idler bar by carefully aligning the edges and keeping the film tight waist will be minimized.

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    Q: How thick can be the document for lamination with Xyron 4400?

    A: The document thickness can be up to 3/16” that can be laminated by the Xyron 4400 cold process laminator.


    Q: How long am I entitled to warranty for Xyron 4400 laminator?

    A: Xyron 4400 cold laminator comes with one-year manufacturer warranty.


    Q: Can Xyron 4400 44” cold laminator process photographs?

    A: Yes! That too with perfection and no fear of it getting damaged as in hot laminators.


    Q: How much space would Xyron require for processing?

    A: Xyron 4400 is a large machine with a foot print of 123.8 (L) x 27.94 (W) x 36.83 (H) which would require a space for installation.


    Q: My excess trimmer is not working, what should I do?

    A: Xyron 4400 comes with a removable cutter and they can be easily replaced with a new one.