Spinnit FMMH 2.1 2-Spindle Hydraulic Lift Paper Drill

Spinnit FMMH 2.1 2-Spindle Hydraulic Lift Paper Drill

Spinnit FMMH-3 Hydraulic 3 Spindle Paper Drill

Spinnit FMMH-3 Hydraulic 3 Spindle Paper Drill

Spinnit FMMH-2.1C 2-Spindle Hydraulic Lift Paper Drill

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Similar to the FMMH-3.1 but Designed Specifically for Casino’s to Cancel Decks of Cards.
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  • Spinnit FMMH 2.1C comes as a device tailor-made for Casinos where decks of cards are frequently cancelled
  • Features a fixed drawer system that makes possible drilling through six decks of cards in one go
  • Comes equipped with two spindles that offer 2-1/2" drilling capacity
  • Presents a dynamic hydraulic lift with foot pedal activation
  • Offers operational support with an adjustable back-gauge
  • Presents an adjustable and moveable head design that eases the drilling process
  • Allows hydraulic lift speed to be adjusted smoothly
  • Presents a table size of 15” x 32” that conveniently accommodates legal-sized input for processing
  • Has a massive and sturdy layout that ensures heavy-duty productivity
  • Comes equipped with Spindle Motor of 3/4 HP and Hydraulic Motor of 1/2 HP

The Spinnit FMMH 2.1C Hydraulic 2-Spindle Paper Drill is the tool designed specifically for Casinos where cancelling the decks of cards is a common scene. This machine makes such cancelling easy and effective with its fixed drawer system that lets up to six decks of cards to be cancelled or drilled in one go. With its Spindle Motor of 3/4 HP and Hydraulic Motor of 1/2 HP, Spinnit 2 spindle paper drill provides exceptional drilling speed and hydraulic lift. It features the processing capacity of up to 21/2" of paper at a time. Its table measures 15” x 32” that makes it easy for the users to drill through input as large as the legal-sized documents. To cut it short, Spinnit FMMH 2.1C paper drill is simply an amazing addition to the Casino if you are looking to increase your drilling productivity with flying colors.

Basic Attributes
Product NameSpinnit FMMH-2.1C 2-Spindle Hydraulic Lift Paper Drill
ManufacturerLassco Wizer
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”)54 x 32 x 31
Drilling Capacity (Inches)2-1/2
No. Of Drill Bits2
Table Size15 x 32
Maximum Horsepower3/4
User TypeCommercial
Power Supply (Volts)115
Country of OriginUnited States
Warranty1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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FMMH-2.1C Hydraulic Lift Paper Drill Similar to the FMMH-3.1 but designed specifically for Casino’s to cancel decks of cards
Number Of Spindles 2
Distance Between Spindles 2” – 5”
Maximum Drilling Capacity 2-1/2”
Maximum Throat Depth 2”
Table Size 15” x 32”
Table Travel N/A
Table Height 36”
Base Footprint 18” x 22”
Spindle Motor 3/4 HP
Hydraulic Motor /2 HP, 115 Volts
Voltage 115 Volts
Dimensions (H” x W” x D”) 54 x 32 x 31
Shipping Dimensions 48” x 40” x 63”
Actual Weight 345 lbs.
Shipping Weight 460 lbs.

Q: What is the difference between FMMH 2.1 and FMMH- 2.1C?

A: FMMH-2.1C is specifically designed for Casinos to cancel deck of cards where as FMMH 2.1 doesn’t have that ability.


Q: My drilling requires more force than normal, why?

A: This indicates that the drill bit needs to be sharpen, you must sharpen regularly. with the sharpen provided with the Spinnit FMMH 2.1C 2-spindle hydraulic lift paper drill.


Q: For how long am I entitled to warranty?

A: Spinnit FMMH 2.1C come with a one-year warranty.


Q: What accessories does the Spindle FMMH – 2.1C paper drill comes with?

A: Spinnit FMMH-2.1C comes with drill sharpener, sharpening stone, chip cleaner, drill bit lubricant, hydro oil and set of 5/16” drill bits.

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