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Formax  |  SKU: FD 2002

Formax AutoSeal FD 2002 Pressure Sealer


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Product Specifications
Product Name Formax AutoSeal FD 2002 Pressure Sealer
Manufacturer Formax
SKU FD 2002
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 44 x 22 x 46
Hopper Capacity (sheets) 250
Max. Paper Weight (lbs.) 24
Type of Pressure Sealer Mid-Volume Tabletop Pressure Sealer
Function Seal, Fold
Fold Type Custom Folds, Z, C, Uneven Z, Uneven C, V
Applications Paychecks, Invoices, Tax Forms, Medical Reports, Bills, Coupons, Notices, & ID Cards
Anti-Jam System No
Warranty 90 Day Limited Warranty on Parts
Country of Origin United States
Power Supply (Volts) 120, 50/60
User Type Medium Office
Sheet Capacity (sheets/hour) 8,000
Operation Type Automatic
Additional Features Ergonomical On/Off Button, Combined with a Laser Printer, LED Indicators, Fault Detection, Noise Reduction, Paper Jog Control
Product Description:

  • Formax AutoSeal FD 2002 System with sleek desktop design for any kind of office decor
  • Easily processes even and uneven panel forms having length of up to 14"
  • Processes at a speed of 8,000 pieces per hour
  • Eliminates the need for paper fanning with its drop-in 3-roller feed system
  • Makes monitoring easy with its Six-Digit Resettable Counter
  • Jogs the forms well with the efficient Paper Jog Control
  • Alerts the operators about power status, improper placement of the cover or any other error with the LED indicators
  • Presents insulated top and side covers for reduced operating noise
  • Applies C, Z, V, uneven C and Z along with some custom fold types

The Formax AutoSeal FD 2002 System is the desktop version of the powerful pressure-sealers that used to be huge and were things of the past. This product presents the same amazing technology with a modern flare and exceptional functionality. The Formax AutoSeal FD 2002 System presents a touch-pad control panel with a simple interface and a 3-roller drop-in feed system that add to the value of this machine. The Formax AutoSeal FD 2002 System comes with other great features like a six-digit resettable counter, jog control, fault detector, and LED indicators. This Formax AutoSeal System allows the operator to feed up to 250 forms into the hopper that are then processed at speed of up to 8,000 per hour. This AutoSeal FD 2002 machine also has an 18" conveyor with photo eye for moving the output neatly to a safe storage area.

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