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MBM Sprint 5000 Bookletmaker

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MBM StitchFold SF 2 Wire Stitch Bookletmaker

100% of 100
Automatic Operation, 25 Sheet Capacity with Max Paper Size of 12.7" x 18.5"
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Features of MBM SF 2 Wire Stitch Booklet Maker

  • Wire-stitched booklet maker with sheet capacity of 25
  • The booklet maker provides stitching using pre formed staples
  • Capable to produce booklets with up to 100 pages
  • Folds up to 65000 booklets without the replacement of wire spools
  • Compatible with variety of collators like the MBM FC 10
  • Operating speed of complete 2300 set in an hour
  • Easy to use machine with 6-digit counter with push buttons
  • Transparent safety covers access to ensure safety while operating
  • Includes back jogger and a stand with casters for user’s ease
  • Moveable magnetic stitching heads with knife folds for crisp folding
  • Powered exit conveyor stacks the books neatly for convenience

Performance of MBM SF 2 Wire Stitch Booklet Maker

The MBM SF 2 Wire Stitch Booklet Maker is designed with the consent to provide user with perfection at booklet making. The machine is equipped with plenty of features making it an economical choice with easy utilization. The SF 2 booklet maker consists of pre-formed staples which produces booklets up to 100 pages and has the sheet capacity of 25. This wire stitched booklet maker is capable processing with the speed to complete 2300 sets per hour improving workplace productivity with faster results. The SF 2 includes the feature of back jog and 6-digit counter with push buttons.

                The MBM SF 2 booklet maker is a low maintenance machine that can fold up to 65000 booklets and can run with a variety of collators with the interface included like MBM FC 10. Magnetic stitching heads feature one-step threading for quick and easy set-up as well as a staple leg adjustment which allows staple length for the custom fit. The dual fold rollers ensure crisps fold providing perfect results for improved efficiency. The power exit conveyor neatly stacks the processed booklets and the machine is equipped with transparent safety covers for safe operations.

Recommendation & Warranty

The machine is an excellent choice for your workplace as it provides perfection with booklet making. This SF 2 can also come with an inline optional face trimmer and is backed with 1-year limited warranty excluding wearables.

Basic Attributes
Product NameMBM StitchFold SF 2 Wire Stitch Bookletmaker
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”)24.5 x 52 x 21
Speed (booklets/hr)2,300
Booklet Capacity (Pages)100
Min. Paper Size (W"xL")4.75 x 8.5
Max. Paper Size (W"xL")12.75 x 18.5
Operation ModeAutomatic
Stitching SystemWire-Fed Magnetic
Sheet Capacity (sheets/hour)25
Warranty1 year limited warranty, excluding wearables
Included AccessoriesBack Jog, Stand with Casters
Country of OriginUnited States
Power Supply (Volts)115V, 60Hz
User TypeCommercial
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Q: For how long am i entitled to warranty?

A: The SF 2 comes with a 1 year limited warranty excluding wearables.


Q: What is the difference of SF 2 with inteface and without intefeace ?

A: With interface the SF 2 can be used with in line products for multiple uses. 


Q: Do we have to change the wirespools everytime we operate the SF 2? 

A: No, the SF 2 can fold up to 65000 booklets without the replacement of wire spools.


Q: What is the sheet capacity of the SF 2 stitch booklet maker?

A: The wire stitched booklet SF 2 has the sheet capacity of 25 sheets at a time.