Martin Yale J2436 Professional Padding Press

30 Sheet Tray Load, 23.5"x30" Sheet size, 66"x30"x30" Padding Press Dimensions, 15 Tilt Angle
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  • Capacity to hold 23.5” wide and 30” high stacks for padding
  • 25lbs load limit in the drip and storage trays
  • Tilt of up to 15° for easy gluing and loading/unloading
  • Single person operation
  • Central Pivot, Latches and various other safety features
  • Positive Locking Draw Latches to avoid unwanted door movements

Martin Yale J2436 Professional Padding Press is a highly viable product for customers who deal with a lot of paperwork and notepads. By producing paper pads via this product, not only is a lot of money saved but it also saves time due to its massive capacity and makes the whole paperwork process very personalized for users.

With the Martin Yale J2436 carefully designed structure for heavy-duty work, users can glue stack combinations that can be up to 23.5” wide and 30” high and weigh a maximum of 25lbs. These physical limitations are more than enough for even large-scale offices. For the convenience of users, J2436 can be tilted at an angle of 15° so glue may be applied easily and also to provide some gravitational assistance while unloading. Everything can be done by a single person, further minimizing cost and labor input.

Keeping in mind the safety issues associated with such sizeable stacks, J2436 Professional Padding Press is designed to include several precautionary features. For example, the twin doors are controlled by a number of latches that keeps them from moving randomly; something that can cause the stacks to topple over and cause damage.

Martin Yale J2436 Professional Padding Press is certainly the ultimate product for modern-day offices with the mentioned features. It combines comfort, security and customizability into one entity, which makes it the best.

Basic Attributes
Product NameMartin Yale J2436 Professional Padding Press
ManufacturerMartin Yale
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”)66 x 30 x 30
Sheet Size (W" x L")23.5 x 30
Tilt Angle15
Max Storage Tray Load (lbs.)25
Max Drip Tray Load (lbs.)25
User TypeLarge Office
Country of OriginUnited States
Warranty1 year parts, 90-days labor
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