Formax FD 6210 Basic 2 Folder & Inserter

Formax FD 6210 Basic 2 Folder & Inserter

Formax FD 6210 Advanced 2 Folder & Inserter

Formax FD 6210 Advanced 2 Folder & Inserter

Formax FD 6210 Advanced 1 Folder & Inserter

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Low Volume Desktop Inserter with 1 Automatic Sheet Feeder and 1 BRE Feeder. Fold & Insert up to 2,200 Pieces/Hour
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FD 6210-Advanced 1
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Features of FD 6210- Advanced 1 Folder & Inserter

  • This inserter is equipped with one sheet feeder and one insert/BRE feeder
  • Processing speed of 2000 to 2200 inserts per hour and monthly cycle of 15000 to 2000 to 22000
  • 7” color touchscreen control panel with graphical interface
  • Let’s you choose and store manual and automatic 50 programmable jobs
  • High capacity output stacker that holds up to 500 forms easily
  • Eco mode is enabled that sleeps device when inactive for an hour
  • Fold types of C, V, Z, double parallel, no fold supported
  • The documents are folded and inserted together and sealed if instructed
  • Correctly reads OMR, 1D and 2D barcodes printed at any side on a document
  • Envelope and paper sensors presence on touchscreen to assist users

Performance of FD 6210- Advanced 1 Folder & Inserter

The FD 6210 Advanced 1 is a configuration if the 6210 low volume tabletop inserter series. The Advanced 1 is equipped with one sheet feeder and one BRE feeder. The one insert feeder is intended to use for Business Reply Envelopes (BRE), but also 'standard' documents can be processed as well. The Advanced 1 has the processing speed of 2000 to 2200 documents per hour that are folded and inserted together. AutoSetTM automatically sets the paper length, fold length, fold type, envelope size and double document detection. This user friendly is assembled with a 7” color touchscreen for quick and easy setup. Advanced 1 is handy as it saves up to 50 programmable recurring jobs.

                The Advanced 2 is mounted with high-capacity vertical stacker which carries up to 500 complete envelopes easily. The FD 6210 Advanced 1 supports up to 5 types of fold like C, V, Z, double parallel, no fold as well as multiple insert capability that can fold or insert sheets, BREs and cards in almost any combination. These series are assembled with eco-friendly feature that saves energy by automatically putting the device into sleep mode after one hour of inactivity.

Recommendation & Warranty

The 6210 Advanced 1 is capable of inserting and folding with ease and efficiency. It also accommodates the Business Reply Envelopes and seals if required. This inserter is ideal for small business as it is reliable and a compact machine. The inserter is backed by 90-day warranty on parts and labor for ensure customer contentment.

Basic Attributes
Product NameFormax FD 6210 Advanced 1 Folder & Inserter
SKUFD 6210-Advanced 1
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”)36” H x 16.5” W x 49” D
Envelope Hopper Capacity (Envelopes)150
SetupAutoset, one-touch setup
Speed (Pieces/hr)2200
Duty Cycle (Pieces/month)15000-20000
Feed Stations w/ Sheet Capacity1 Feed Station with 325 Sheet Capacity and 1 BRE feeder with 50 BREs or 325 inserts
Vertical Stacker Capacity (Filled Envelopes)500
Max. sheet Size (H")3.5 - 14
Warranty90 day parts and labor
Country of OriginUnited States
Power Supply (Volts)120V
Optional AccessoriesShort Feed Trays, Production Feeder, CIS Scanner, Single or Multi-Code Reading Licenses, Productivity Package, Front or Rear Side Exit Tray and Catch Tray
Programmable Fold Applications50
Programmable Fold Applications41 - 60
Fold TypesC, V, Z, Double Parallel, no fold
Double Feed DetectionYes
Envelope Size (W")6.3 - 9.7
Envelope Size (H")3.5 - 6.35
Max. sheet Size (W")5 - 9
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Name Formax FD 6210 Series
Speed Up to 2,000 / 2,500* pieces per hour
Duty Cycle Up to 15,000 / 20,000* pieces per month
Standard Feeders Up to 325 sheets each, 20# bond
Short Feed Tray Up to 50 BREs or 325 inserts
Production Feeder Up to 325 BREs or 1,200 inserts, up to 6” in length
Envelope Hopper Up to 150 envelopes, top-loading
High-Capacity Vertical Stacker Up to 500 filled envelopes
Catch Tray Up to 100 envelopes
Front/Rear Side Exit Up to 225 envelopes
Power 120V AC, 60 Hz
Dimension 49” L x 36” H x 16.5” W
Sheet Size 3.5” - 14” H x 5” - 9” W
Programmable Jobs 50
Maximum Insert Thickness 1mm
Envelope Size #10 and 6” x 9.5”, 3.5” - 6.35” H x 6.3” - 9.7” W
Maximum Set Thickness 2.5mm


  • Spec Sheet
  • Instruction Manual
  • Demo Video

    Q: For how long am i entitled to warranty?

    A: The Formax 6210 series comes with a 90 day warranty on parts excluding wearables and labor.


    Q: My envelopes are double fed in to my 6210 inserter, what should i do?

    A: This may occur when envelopes not placed properly in the hopper. Check and replace accordingly. 


    Q: How do i maintain my 6210 insterer properly?

    A: Keep the system in proper condition by removing dust, paper remains etc daily.

    Q: What is a folder unit?

    A: The fold unit folds the documents and 6210 series can fold into C,V,Z, double V fold and no fold.

    Q: What is a job?

    A: If there is a certain type of mail set that reoccurs alot then you can save it as a job for instant use. 

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