Formax Cut-True 13M Tabletop Manual Guillotine Cutter

Formax Cut-True 13M Tabletop Manual Guillotine Cutter

Formax Cut-True 16M Manual Guillotine Cutter

Formax Cut-True 16M Manual Guillotine Cutter

Formax Cut-True 15M Manual Guillotine Cutter

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Floor Stand Guillotine Cutter with 400 Sheet Capacity, 16.9" Cutting Length and 1.38" Narrow Cut
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Cut-True 15M
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  • Ample cutting capacity for medium sized offices
  • LED-illuminated cutting line for higher accuracy
  • Useful clamp and gauges
  • Various safety features that prevent accidents

Formax Cut-True 15M tabletop Cutter is ideal for cutting jobs when accuracy and speed is the priority, With its wide range of applications in workplaces, it tops its class of paper cutters.

Formax Cut-True 15M boasts a huge cutting width of 16.9”, which easily accommodates all commonly used paper sizes and works for all office departments. Stack of thickness up to 2.15” can be effortlessly cut using this product, which is a great facility for those who deal with larger workloads. The cutting mechanism features a comfortable lever in a guillotine-styled configuration. It requires minimal effort takes lesser time to cut through stacks.

Cut-True 15M manual guillotine cutter integrates a functional cutting unit. A spindle-guided back gauge crank allows setting of the stacks as users wish. Precision is lent to this process through the LED illuminated cut line and calibrated side guides. A geared clamping unit holds the paper firmly in place so a neat cut is made throughout.

Formax Guillotine cutter features impressive safety features as well. It includes front and back safety covers that shield the blade and are made from transparent material so vision in not hindered. A blade lock system is quite useful when the cutter is not being operated. A wooden paper push is also part of the package; this allows users to safely adjust the paper without getting their hands beneath the blade. Moreover, a safety blade changing tool and the ability to make depth adjustments externally are other enhancements to user safety that Formax Cut-True 15M tabletop Cutter incorporates

Basic Attributes
Product NameFormax Cut-True 15M Manual Guillotine Cutter
SKUCut-True 15M
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”)42.5 x 26.8 x 29.1
Length Behind Blade (Inches)17
Narrow Cut (Inches)1.38
Cutting Width (inches)16.9
Sheet Capacity400
Type of cutterFloor Stand Guillotine
Cutting Height (Inches)2.36
Blade DriveManual
Paper ClampSpindle
Back Gauge SettingAdjustable Hand Crank
Warranty90 days limited warranty
Country of OriginUnited States
User TypeLarge Office
Optional Accessories15M-10: Replacement Blade, 15M-20 Replacement Cutting Sticks, pkg of 8
ApplicationsPrint Shops, In-Plant Finishing Operations
Cutting MaterialPaper
LED Laser Cut LineYes
Safety FeatureFront & Rear Transparent Covers, Blade Lock, External Blade Depth Adjustment, Blade Changing Handles
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    Q. How does the LED Laser cut line help?

    A. This innovative feature highlights the cutting path and makes it visible for the operator. Hence, the operator can be sure where the cut is being applied.


    Q. What supplies are available for the product?

    A. Following supplies can be availed with Formax Cut-True 15M Manual Guillotine Cutter:

    • 15M-10: Replacement Blade
    • 15M-20: Replacement Cutting Sticks, pkg. of 8


    Q. What are its safety provisions?

    A. It makes special safety provisions with its features including front and rear transparent covers, blade lock, external blade depth adjustment, easy-to-use blade change safety tool, and a wooden paper push for safe alignment.


    Q. Are there any guides available for measurements and adjustments?

    A. Yes, the spindle-guided back gauge and calibrated scales can help the users make fine adjustments

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