A paper trimmer is a versatile paper handling product that comes handy for trimming through paper and other materials to be used for a variety of purposes. Paper trimmers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each well-suited to a particular category of professional needs or projects to be handled at school, office or any other work setting. The regular use of guillotine paper trimmers in the office for trimming papers is known to all. But there are many other things you can do with this amazing tool. Some major projects that paper trimmers can complete most professionally and creatively are listed below:

Scrapbooking Making

Scrapbooking can be fun if you have the right tools and materials for it. Paper trimmers can trim papers into creative pieces having unique curved and zigzag edges. Give all the pages the shape and edges of your choice. Moreover, you can use fomic sheet or crepe paper for decorating your scrapbook and your paper trimmer will help you achieve the desired results. Then you can add all your memories to this creativity.

Gift Wrapping

Paper trimmers can be used for helping you wrap gifts speedily on special occasions. You can buy yourself a battery-operated trimmer for saving your time for other preparations that scissors might waste.

Greeting Cards

Now no need of rushing to the gift shop and spending too much time just to select the greeting card of your choice. All you need are few sheets of heavy paper with greetings printed on them and an efficient paper trimmer, either manual or battery-operated. Simply trim these sheets up with your desired trimming configurations and there you are, with your perfect, handmade greeting cards ready to be offered.

Photo Album Refurbishing

There can be many photo album designs available in the market but probably your favorite one might not have enough room for your photos. For trimming your photos neatly and accurately, buy a paper trimmer with an attached ruler and trim all your pictures to the size provided in the album. You can then decorate your album with different materials cut into fun shape using the same paper trimmer.

Marketing Assistant

Paper trimmers can serve as an efficient marketing assistant as it helps resize flyers, brochures, pamphlets and other promotional material in no time. If you carefully shop, you will come across special paper trimmers that can trim your flyers into unique shapes. For professional results in this regard, the guillotine paper trimmer will be a suitable choice.

This was a quick overview of the projects you can do much effectively with a paper trimmer. Moreover, pairing this machine with a corner rounder or a paper folder will give you even better output.