In any kind of office setting, binding the documents into a compact form is one of the most important tasks towards completion of the more crucial official projects. For this purpose, a wide variety of binding machines is available in the market with variations of all sorts. These handy devices work great for a longer term and often are available as punch and binding machine, serving two purposes with one piece of hardware. Like any other machine, a binding machine also requires active maintenance from time to time to keep it running without any extensive damages. Some of the quick maintenance tips for a coil binding system are as follows:

  • Don’t ever leave the power supply on for the binding machine that is not in use. It will not only waste the energy resources but will also heat up the motor of the binding system that might cause failure of the machine to function efficiently.

  • In case of a punch and binding machine, you will have to punch your documents before binding them together. Most of the users try to get done with the punching job quickly by trying to punch large heaps of documents at once. This should be avoided, as it will overburden the punching dies, hence destroying them completely. So to avoid facing any such problem, a modular wire binding system should be opted for. Another option is to get papers that have been punched already so it can save your time.

  • Whether you have a comb binding system, coil binding system or any other variant of punch and binding machine, you will definitely find a chip tray that stores the waste from the punching operation. Always remember to clean that part regularly so that your punching dies keep working smoothly and there is no change in their shape or effectiveness.

  • Before you start operating your binding machine, make sure that the key supplies are available in abundance. For a comb binding system, combs should be sufficient as per your needs. Similarly wires for wire binding system and coils for coil binding system should be available readily and in adequate amount.

  • If you want to stay on the safer side always, never forget to refer to the operation manual that accompanies all binding machines. It has all the guidance available regarding effective maintenance of the machine without any extra cost and heavy effort.

  • These simple tips will let you enjoy the functionality of your punch and binding machine for an infinite period. Do remember to stay in touch with the instruction manual for the added features of safety and durability in your machine.