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400 (Sheets) Binding Capacity, 20 (Sheets) Punching Capacity, 11" Punch Length and 21 Disengageable Pins
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  • Punches 20 sheets of 20lbs paper in a single operation
  • Punching length: 11"
  • Combing capacity up to 2"
  • 21 disengageable pins for all paper sizes
  • 5/16" x 1/8" rectangular punch holes
  • Ergonomic U-shaped punch handle
  • Useful comb selection guide for the right comb size
  • Side and depth margin controls

Akiles EcoBind-C is simply the best of all manual punching/binding equipment. Unlike most manual paper handling equipment, it packs useful features into a compact and ergonomic design which prevents physical strain and makes operations as easy as with automatic machines, just at a much better price.

EcoBind-C, despite being known for its space-saving design, punches documents up to 11" in length and up to 20 sheets of 20lbs paper. This is great for official use as most documents are within these limits. 5/16" x 1/8" rectangular punch holes are the exact size for such documents and also convey professionalism through enhanced aesthetic value. Although a manually operated machine, it is effortless to punch and bind because of the ergonomic U-shaped handle that can be used with both hands.

To accommodate different paper sizes, Akiles EcoBind Comb Binding Machine has two highly useful features of disengagement pins and a side margin control. Users simply need to adjust the side margin and align sheets along it so no incomplete holes are made, and then disengage the appropriate pin from the other side to prevent the same there. This simple process produces cleanly punched sheets. A similar design is made for varying document thickness. The depth margin makes sure an appropriate side-to-hole margin is maintained while the comb selection guide helps choosing the right comb size by measuring stack thickness, which can go up to 2".

Akiles Comb Binding Equipment has always been the best in markets and the EcoBind-C is no exception owing to these impressive features and low price.

Basic Attributes
Product NameAkiles EcoBind-C Manual Comb Binding Equipment
Punch Length (inches)12
Punch Pitch9/16
Paper Punch Volume (lbs.)20
Binding OperationManual
Binding TypeComb Binding
Punch OperationManual
Binding Capacity (Diameter")2
Binding Capacity (Sheets)400
Number of pitches1
Paper SizeAll Paper Size
Punch Hole Size (mm)(5/16 x 1/8)
Depth MarginAdjustable
Warranty1 Year
Country of OriginTaiwan
User TypeSmall Office
Closing MechanismVertical
Reverse SwitchNo
Waste DrawerYes
Side MarginAdjustable
Disengageable Pins21
Punch Hole ShapeRectangular
Number of Holes19
Punching Capacity (Sheets)20
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Q. What punching length can the Akiles EcoBind-C handle?

A. The Akiles EcoBind-C can easily process up to twelve-inch long input due to its wide punching throat. It has even got an open throat that accommodates longer documents for binding.


Q. How does the built-in Comb Selection Guide work?

A. This feature is a smart way to detect the document’s thickness and determine the best comb size for the job.


Q. Is the Akiles EcoBind-C costly?

A. Certainly not! Akiles EcoBind-C is one of the binding machines that have great specs at the minimum cost possible.


Q. How much time is required for setting this unit up?

A. This unit sets up in no time at all. Just place the machine on a smooth and stable surface and start binding.


Q. Are there any guidelines for those who want to repair their Akiles EcoBind-C unit on their own?

A. It is strictly advised not to repair the machine yourself. Get professional assistance to avoid any further inconvenience.

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