Akiles CoilMac-EPI+ Electric Coil Binding Equipment

Akiles CoilMac-EPI+ Electric Coil Binding Equipment

Akiles CoilMac-ER+ Electric Coil Binding Equipment

Akiles CoilMac-ER+ Electric Coil Binding Equipment

Akiles CoilMac-ER Electric Coil Binding Equipment

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230 (Sheets) Binding Capacity, 20 (Sheets) Punching Capacity, 13" Punch Length and 5 Disengageable Pins
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  • Standard 4mm round holes for compatibility with contemporary products
  • 5 disengageable pins give flexibility to users in choosing between various common paper sizes
  • Extended punching length and continuous punching guide ensure that sheets longer than the die itself may be punched with consistency
  • Electric Coil Inserter that saves time is part of the package

The Akiles CoilMac-ER is a manual binding machine that tops its class of products with its leading features and easy-to-use components. It offers its users with the best features that make it highly suitable for offices with continuous workloads. It has an extended punching length of 13” that is enough for all common paper sizes used officially. Moreover, the continuous punching guide and open end it includes can be used to accurately punch documents up to 26” in length. The sturdy punching unit can punch up to 20 sheets of 20lbs paper in one go. It punches 4mm round holes in paper with a standard 4:1 pitch.

Like all Akiles Manual Punch & Electric Coil Binding Equipment, this product has also been integrated with features that make it versatile and functional. 5 of its die pins are made disengageable, which allows operators to easily adjust between different paper sizes and punch them with accuracy.

The CoilMac-ER comes with a handy electric oil inserter. Its double roller mechanism makes coil inserting surprisingly fast and easy. All users need to do is to manually insert a few turns of the coil in the punched document and put it against the rollers; their rough surface automatically inserts the coil in no time. For ease of use, the inserter is foot pedal-operated so users can engage both hands in the insertion process.

This Akiles Punch & Binding Machine also has side margin and punching margin controls in it that ensure that the documents being processed are punched without errors. These allow users to adjust paper to the correct punch-margin depth, for the coil size being used, so paper may not tear off during coil insertion or normal use in offices.

Basic Attributes
Product NameAkiles CoilMac-ER Electric Coil Binding Equipment
Punch Length (inches)13
Punch Pitch4:1
Paper Punch Volume (lbs.)20
Binding OperationElectric
Binding TypeCoil Binding
Punch OperationManual
Binding Capacity (Diameter")7/8
Binding Capacity (Sheets)230
Number of pitches1
Paper SizeA4 Size
Punch Hole Size (mm)4
Depth MarginAdjustable
Warranty1 Year
Included AccessoriesCoil Diameter Selector , Premium Oval Coil Crimpers
Country of OriginTaiwan
User TypeSmall Office
Closing MechanismVertical
Reverse SwitchNo
Waste DrawerYes
Side MarginAdjustable
Disengageable Pins5
Punch Hole ShapeRound
Number of Holes53
Punching Capacity (Sheets)20
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Q1) What is coil binding and why should it be preferred?

A. Coil binding is same as the spiral binding. In this you can thread plastic coils through the holes of the document till the end. As a result you will give them a professional and a unique look. For regular use this binding method is perfect as it can be conducted electrically as well as manually.


Q2) Can the CoilMac-ER used for binding large documents?

A. Unfortunately it cannot as it contains a single roller on the inserter which has a measurement of 6 inches making it suitable for only small tasks.


Q3) What is meant by pitch that are usually stated as 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 and 5:1?

A. The pitch actually refers to the number of holes per inch.


Q4) What pitch is best for coil binding?

A. 4:1 pitch hole pattern is commonly used as it allows to bind more sheets. Also this pattern does not give a tight look as the 5:1 pitch hole which is perfect for thin documents.