Akiles CoilMac-ER Electric Coil Binding Equipment

Akiles CoilMac-ER Electric Coil Binding Equipment

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Akiles CoilMac-M Manual Coil Binding Equipment

Akiles CoilMac-ER+ Electric Coil Binding Equipment

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230 (Sheets) Binding Capacity, 20 (Sheets) Punching Capacity, 13" Punch Length & 4:1 Punch Pitch
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  • Unique 4x5 mm Oval hole punch dies that optimize coil binding times
  • Letter 4:1 pitch (0.248”) coil pitch for properly centered/symmetric punching for definitive document finishing
  • Electrically powered coil inserter included in the package for time-saving and enhanced functionality
  • Fully disengageable pins that allow all paper sizes to be dealt with

The Akiles CoilMac-ER+ is a manual binding machine that brings industry-first features to the market that put it right at the top of its class. Its users enjoy quick punching/insertion processes and a very easy-to-use binding machine that efficiently handles high workloads. It offers an extended punching length of 13” which is ideal for most commonly used paper sizes.

With its continuous punching guide, it can also be used to punch documents up to 26” in length with remarkable accuracy. The punching unit, which is equipped with special heat treated punching dies, can punch up to 20 sheets of 20lbs paper.

This product introduces the revolutionary 4x5 mm, oval holes that are much more effective than the traditional round holes. This simple improvement not only expedites coil insertion process by up to 50%, it also makes the final document easier to handle as holes are wider. Another new feature it offers is the 0.248” 4:1 pitch that guarantees evenly spaced holes in the standard 11” paper size.

Akiles Manual Punch & Electric Coil Binding Equipment has always been built to deliver quality and optimize user comfort, and this product is no exception.  All 54 of its die pins are disengageable; a feature that allows operators to punch papers of virtually any size within the length of its punching die. This particular quality makes the CoilMac-ER+ ideal for organizations that deal with uncommon paper sizes. Furthermore, it comes integrated with an electric oil inserter that does the inserting job for users in no time. Its double roller mechanism and foot pedal operation further save time and effort. Additionally, Akiles Punch & Binding Machine has been incorporated with a side margin and punching margin control that are quite useful in making sure that the end product is tear-resistant and long-lasting.

Basic Attributes
Product NameAkiles CoilMac-ER+ Electric Coil Binding Equipment
Punch Length (inches)13
Punch Pitch4:1
Paper Punch Volume (lbs.)20
Binding OperationElectric
Binding TypeCoil Binding
Punch OperationManual
Binding Capacity (Diameter")7/8
Binding Capacity (Sheets)230
Number of pitches1
Paper SizeAll Paper Size
Punch Hole Size (mm)(4 x 5)
Depth MarginAdjustable
Warranty1 Year
Included AccessoriesCoil Diameter Selector , Premium Oval Coil Crimpers
Country of OriginTaiwan
User TypeMedium Office
Closing MechanismVertical
Reverse SwitchNo
Waste DrawerYes
Side MarginAdjustable
Disengageable Pins54
Punch Hole ShapeOval
Number of Holes53
Punching Capacity (Sheets)20
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Q) Is there a coil crimper included in the box?

Yes it comes with a free coil crimper. You can easily crimp the ends of the coil so it does not spin out of the document.


Q) Are there only electric coil binding machines available on the paper-machines website?

On our website we are offering different types of coil binding machines that are not only electric but also manual. All of these machines have different pitch hole patterns to offer. You can find these machines under the category of ‘Punching and Binding Machines’.


Q) Is shipping include in the mentioned price?

The shipping price is not included in the mentioned price. It is $40 to be exact.


Q) What is coil binding and why should it be preferred?

Coil binding is same as the spiral binding. In this you can thread plastic coils through the holes of the document till the end. As a result you will give them a professional and a unique look. For regular use this binding method is perfect as it can be conducted electrically as well as manually.