AeraMax® Professional IV HEPA Air Purifier

Fellowes AeraMax Professional IV HEPA Air Purifier

MBM Ideal AP40 Med Edition Air Purifier

MBM Ideal AP40 Med Edition Air Purifier

Fellowes AeraMax Professional IVS With Floor Stand

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Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly, Cleans Air of 700-1400 Sq Ft Spaces, HEPA Filter Captures 99.97% Airborne Contaminants, Includes a Floor Stand
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Features: AeraMax® Professional IVS w/ Floor Stand Commercial Grade Air Purifier

  • Effective solution for large rooms measuring up to 1400 sq ft, such as cafeterias and classrooms
  • EnviroSmart technology creates ease of self-adjusting performance to regulate energy consumption
  • Fitted with HEPA filter to eliminate contaminants in the air that can create health problems
  • Special carbon filters help to remove odors from the room
  • Comes with a floor stand for easy portability
  • 5 Year warranty makes it suitable for long-term use

AeraMax® Professional IVS w/ Floor Stand - White: Get the Latest Technology

When it comes to commercial indoor air purification systems, things don’t get any bigger than the AeraMax® Professional IVS w/Floor Stand. It is a perfect system for large, commercial rooms with a space of 1400 sq ft. You can place it in a large cafeteria or a college classroom and it will work perfectly due to its unique technological features.

Foremost among these is the PlasmaTrue feature. Essentially, the AeraMax Professional IVS operates on the principle of ionization by knocking out electrons from air molecules and making them a magnet for suspended pollutants in the air. The pollutants get virtually sucked into the machine, leaving the air pristine and fresh.

Next comes the EnviroSmart technology. If you are worried about driving up your electricity bills by installing a Commercial Air Purifier, then this feature should set you at ease. This feature consists of several sensors, which help the system to identify air quality levels and adjust its performance accordingly. So it runs heavily when the air is polluted and comes down to cruise level as air quality improves.

AeraMax® Pro IVS w/ Floor Stand: Put Your Mind at Ease

The most striking thing about the AeraMax® Professional IVS w/Floor Stand is its sleek appearance. Almost resembling a retro boom box due to its distinctive dimensions, it adds a touch of class to your environment. It also has a handle, which makes it extremely portable. A flat bottom means that you can keep it on the floor or any raised surface such as a shelf or a countertop. It weighs 40 pounds, so make sure that the surface is firm and sturdy.

Cleaning the system is also very easy. The 4-stage purification filters of the AeraMax Professional IVS can be cleaned simply by removing the front panel, which exposes all the filters nicely. Simply take them out, clean them with a brush, and insert them back in place.

AeraMax®  AMIVS: Enjoy Great Health

The AeraMax® Professional IVS w/Floor Stand offers many health benefits, especially with the HEPA technology and AeraSafe system. Both of these take care of removing foul odors and germs from the air, creating a comfortable and healthy environment for you and your clients. Of course, it goes without saying that the healthier and cleaner the air in your establishment, the longer and more frequently customers will visit to make purchases. If you are particularly concerned about asthma and other respiratory allergies, feel relieved because this Commercial Air Purifier is AAFA certified as well.

Basic Attributes
Product NameFellowes AeraMax Professional IVS With Floor Stand
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”)22.69 x 34.88 x 10.69
Room Size (Sq Ft)700 - 1400
Room Size Large Room
FeaturesPlasmaTrue™ Technology, EnviroSmart Sensor
Air Purity SensorYes
Filter TypeTrue HEPA with AeraSafe™, Antimicrobial Treatment, Activated Carbon
CertificationAsthma & Allergy Friendly™, AHAM Certified, CARB Certified, Energy Star Certified, TUV-GS UL Listed, AAFA Certified
Quantity Per Pack1
Weight (lbs.)40.00
4 Stage Purification SystemYes
Warranty5 Year Limited
UPC Code043859688777
TechnologyPlasmaTrue™ Technology
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AAFA Certified

Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly

AeraSmart Sensor



EnviroSmart Sensor, PlasmaTrue Technology

Air Purity Sensor



Asthma & Allergy Friendly, AHAM Certified, CARB Certified, Energy Star Certified, UL Listed, AAFA Certified

Change Filter Light Indicator




Filter Change Type

Front Panel

Filter Type

True HEPA with AeraSafe Antimicrobial Protection, Activated Carbon

Dimensions (L” x H” x D”)

22.69 x 34.88 x 10.69

Item Number


Item Weight


Units per Master Carton


Material Type


Model Number


PlasmaTrue Technology


Produces Ozone


4 Stage Purification System


Qty Per Pack


Room Size (Sq Ft)

700 - 1400

Room Size

Large Room

UPC Code



5 Yr Limited

Q. How do I clean the filter?

A. You need to change the filter when the indicator lights up. Simply remove the front panel to take out the filter and clean it with a soft brush.


Q. How does the AeraMax Professional IVS remove germs?

A. The AeraMax Professional IVS has HEPA technology to remove germs from the air.


Q. Is it very heavy?

A. The average weight of the machine is 40 pounds and we recommend at least two people to handle it.


Q. Can this be used in large rooms?

A. Certainly. The AeraMax Professional IVS can be used within a 1400 square meter space.


Q. Does this come with a warranty?

A. Yes. Every AeraMax Professional IVS comes with a 5-year warranty.


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