AeraMax Professional AM II Air Purifier

AeraMax Professional AM II Air Purifier

AeraMax® Professional III Air Purifier - Stainless

AeraMax® Professional III Air Purifier - Stainless

AeraMax Professional AM II Air Purifier

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TUV-GS UL Certified, Ideal for 300 Sq Ft Room, Features EnviroSmart Sensor
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Features: AeraMax Professional AM II Air Purifier

  • Automated EnviroSmart™ system adjusts functionality according to air quality
  • Capacity to clean spaces of up to 150 - 300 sq ft.
  • Internal carbon filtration system minimizes noxious odor
  • Equipped with HEPA filter to reduce airborne microbes by more than 99%
  • The best air purifier that fits conveniently in small spaces
  • Efficient filtration system passes air through four stages to improve air quality
  • Easily mountable on wall as well as floor

AeraMax Professional AM II: Cutting-Edge Technology

The AeraMax Professional AM II Air Purifier is an ideal air filtration system for small, enclosed spaces such as classrooms and small offices. It uses a unique 4-stage filtration process to ensure that the air is cleaned completely and people can breathe in clean air that poses absolutely no risk to their health. In addition, the AeraMax AM II also has a HEPA filter that eliminates every kind of microbe suspended in the air we breathe. This feature helps the Air Purifier to reduce the risk of getting respiratory infections as well as other health problems by breathing in air contaminated with microbes.

AeraMax Professional AM II: Convenient Features

The AeraMax Professional Air Purifier has several exciting features that make it better than many other similar air purifying systems on the market. The best part about this purifier is that it has been designed for small spaces of up to 150-300 sq ft. Larger air purifiers are too loud and costly to work in such spaces, which makes this model well-suited. Secondly, it has special carbon filters that soak in odor-producing particles and molecules like a sponge. Thus, it helps to create a comfortable, healthy and pleasant environment.

The AeraMax Professional Air Purifier model itself is pretty convenient to place in a small space, measuring just 22.50 by 14 by 4.13 inches. Weighing less than 13 pounds, it can be moved around easily. You can mount it on the wall or keep it on the floor, depending on how much space is available.

AeraMax Professional AM II: The Most Efficient Air Filtration Solution

The AeraMax Professional AM II Air Purifier has been designed with special focus on efficiency for the consumer. It runs on the patented EnviroSmart system which enables the air purifier to self-adjust its performance settings according to the current air quality. So if someone enters the room, letting in contaminated air from the outside, the performance level will increase automatically to purify the air quickly. As soon as the air has been cleaned, the Air Purifier will step down to a moderate level of performance in order to reduce energy consumption and overall electricity costs. What’s more, this model also comes with an indicator that tells you when it is time to change the filter. This ensures that the filtration system lasts longer without damage and without compromising the air quality in the room.

The features and benefits of the AeraMax Professional Air Purifier are reliable since the air purifier carries the TUV-GS certification in addition to being listed on the UL listing. These are reliable stamps of authority testifying to the veracity of the claims made by the manufacturer.

Basic Attributes
Product NameAeraMax Professional AM II Air Purifier
Quantity Per Pack1
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”)22.50 x 14.00 x 4.13
Warranty3 Year Limited
Weight (lbs.)12.83
Air Purity SensorNo
UPC Code043859683659
Room Size (Sq Ft)300
4 Stage Purification SystemNo
Room Size Small Room
FeaturesEnviroSmart Sensor
Filter TypeTrue HEPA Carbon, Antimicrobial Protection, Hybrid
CertificationTUV-GS UL Listed
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AeraSmart Sensor



EnviroSmart Sensor

Air Purity Sensor



TUV-GS UL Listed

Change Filter Light Indicator




Filter Change Type

Front Panel

Filter Type

True HEPA Carbon, Antimicrobial Protection, Hybrid

Dimensions (L” x H” x D”)

22.50 x 14.00 x 4.13

Item Number


Item Weight


Units per Master Carton


Material Type


Micron Air


Model Number


PlasmaTrue Technology


Produces Ozone


4 Stage Purification System


Qty Per Pack


Room Size (Sq Ft)


Room Size

Small Room

UPC Code



3 Yr Limited

AeraMax Pro II Air Purifier Demo Video

AeraMax Professional AM II Air Purifier

Now you can clean the air in smaller spaces. The AeraMax professional II commercial grade air purifier reduces airborne contaminants and odors and eliminates complaints because it's specially designed for spaces 150 to 300 square feet. Indoor air matters, it's up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Small public and shared spaces like restrooms, exam rooms and offices are playgrounds for bacteria and viruses, dust and allergens and harsh VOCs and odors. In an office or clinic environment washing and sanitizing hands and cleaning surfaces just isn't enough. You've got to clean the air and here's how the AeraMax Pro II does it.

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Q. Can I use this in my office?

A. Yes, the AeraMax Professional AM II is ideal for small offices and rooms. p>


Q.  What does the HEPA filter do?

A.  The HEPA filter technology gets rid of germs in the air that can cause diseases.


Q.  How much space does it take?

A.  Very little. It will only protrude from the wall by 4 inches.


Q.  Is it energy efficient?

A.  Yes, thanks to the EnviroSmart sensor, it uses very little electricity.


Q.  Does it have a warranty?

A.  Yes, the AeraMax Professional AM II comes with a three-year warranty.

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