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•  We have guaranteed low prices on all our paper perforating and scoring equipment.

- High Quality, Competitive Price!

Perforators are perfect for making in-house coupons, tear-outs and more. The perforating wheel punches a line of holes making any document easy to tear out. Paper scorers easily crease paper, making it easy to fold or bend.

Manual and automatic perforator machines, electric score and paper creasers do the job for your business. From tri-fold brochures to greeting cards to catalogs and posters, these manual and automatic paper creasers, electric score and perforator machines come in a variety of styles to meet your needs

Paper perforators punch small holes in a sheet of paper making it easy to be torn, much like a check our coupon. Paper perforators crease paper making it easy to fold or bend. Both paper perforators and paper scorers are available in manual and automatic models.

Perforators are used throughout the world for the secure cancellation of documents and most commonly used for cancelling travellers cheques. Perforators can also be used for receipting and recording documents by applying dates, numbers and text, thus preventing them from being submitted more than once.

f paper were not perforated, scissors would be required to perform the same function. More and more businesses are purchasing perorating machines to save money by doing their own perforating in-house. This is especially advantageous for mailers and advertising, where a return card needs to be mailed back.

Copy and print shops also enjoy using perforators, allowing them to facilitate the daily needs of individuals.

Perforators can be broken up into manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic designs. The type you use depends on the needs of your business


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